Creating Photo Zines / personal project

Late last year I created my first Photo Zine & have had a few people asking me how I created it, so I thought would share a little inside info with you.
First of all I have to give a shout out to The Creative Alliance - Sunshine Coast as I wouldn’t have created this Photo Zine if I hadn’t attended their Zine workshops throughout the year (2018). THANK YOU!

Groovestock 2, Photo Zine. Front cover

THE IDEA. I wanted to take my work off the screen & display it in a tangible way but it also had to be an inexpensive project. THE THEME. Groovestock 2 happened early June 2018 it was an awesome mini fest of local bands & I had some visual goodness that needed to be printed.

Creating Photo Zine using Adobe Indesign
Proofing Photo Zine

THE PROCESS. I created the Zine digitally using Adobe Indesign and printed it as a A5 40 page booklet. THE PRINT. My first thought for printing was to use Officeworks but from not so great experiences with them I decided to use the local printer (Nambour Print & Colour) down the road and they even stapled them together for me. All together each Zine cost me $12 to produce full colour.

Groovestock 2 Photo Zine by Cynthia Lee
Belligerent Goat

Belligerent Goat

Machine Machine

Machine Machine

If you have any questions I be happy to answer them as best as I can, If you have a Zine of your own I would love to see it. Drop me a line via email - or instagram