Nambour's hidden gems / Solo Photo Walks

Getting out and off the computer into nature, yes and thank you. I have been loving my solo Photo Walks of late, taking time out to slow down, appreciating the small things and my surroundings.

Koala Park and Cilento Park are both little hidden gems in Nambour town and I don’t have to go far to think I’m in the middle of the forest. On these walks I took my trusty Canon EOS 33V and shot with one of my favourite films, Kodak Portra, such a beautiful fine grain film and the colours never disappoint.

Photo Walk #2;
Location: Koala Park & Cilento Park, Nambour Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
Camera: Canon EOS 33V
Lens: Canon EF 50mm 1.8
Film: Kodak Portra ISO 400, one of my favourite films!
Developed & Scanned: Racquet Film

Koala Park, Nambour

Koala Park, Nambour

Cilentro Park, Nambour

Cilentro Park, Nambour

Nambour, Sunshine Coast Hinterland
Cilento Park, Nambour
Reflections in pools at Cilento Park, Nambour. Sunshine Coast Hinterland